Westfield Funding, LLC can provide financing to your business even when your bank can't. We say 'yes' when the bank says 'no'. Additionally, our funding process is much faster than what a bank can provide.  We will provide your business the perfect financing product utilizing our fast underwriting. 

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Everyone knows that starting a business requires cash, and growing a business requires even more -- for working capital, equipment, facilities, payroll and other operating expenses.  While everyone wants their businesses to experience massive growth, growing too fast can deplete your cash.  As a business owner you are constantly trying to strike a balance between burning through cash and generating it.  At Westfield Funding it is our goal to provide you with the financing needed so you don't have to miss any growth opportunities.  Whether it is leasing your equipment, a working capital loan, a real estate loan or selling your invoices (factoring), at Westfield Funding, we have the perfect financing product that can be tailored to your needs.  

Working Capital Loans allow you to have the flexibility to use the capital in any way you choose.  Even if the bank has turned you down for funding or has approved you for financing that is inadequate for achieving your company's needs, we can help and have you funded in as little as two days.  At Westfield Funding, we understand many businesses don't have collateral, perfect credit or time to jump through hoops.



Accounts Receivable Financing (factoring) allow us to purchase your receivables, immediately convert these receivables into cash and you no longer have to worry about collections. Additionally, you will now have the funding needed for expansions, acquisitions, growth, restructuring, turnarounds, and the ability to receive supplier discounts. Accounts receivable financing through invoice factoring allows you to convert your existing invoices into cash in 24 hours, sometimes less. Your receivables become liquid instantly and provide much needed capital.




Equipment Leasing allows you to buy new equipment to grow your business without the large upfront capital expenditures. You can purchase new equipment without any upfront costs. In most case we don't need any financial documentation such as tax returns or bank statements, allowing you to fund your purchase the same day you apply for financing.




Merchant Cash Advance is lump sum advance against future credit card and debit card sales.Even when business is good, cash flow challenges can hold your business back.  Conventional bank loans are not an option for many companies.

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