Equipment Financing

Leasing is a form of financing used to acquire equipment for use and possibly purchase. Many companies use leasing for the acquisition and use of many types of equipment. These include restaurants, manufacturing companies, mining companies, construction companies, companies in need of IT financing and transportation companies.


Although rates are based on credit worthiness we will work with your company regardless of credit score to provide the best leasing option.


Equipment leasing is a popular option for companies that need to acquire new or used equipment without laying out the cash for the entire purchase. As the lessee you make monthly payments to the lessor in exchange for use of this equipment. There are many different types of leases, these include 


Operating Lease: An operating lease is ideal if you continually update equipment. With an operating lease the equipment is returned at the end of the lease term. An operating lease usually has the lowest payment of any leasing alternative.


Fair Market Value Lease: A lease where at the commencement the lessor has the option of returning the equipment to the lessee or purchasing the equipment outright at fair market value.


Dollar Out Lease: A lease whose terms are that the equipment can be purchased for $1.00 at the end of the lease term. This is the most popular option for companies.


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