When your clients do not pay their invoices in a timely manner, it's easy for a business to get stuck in a cash crunch.  This shortfall can cause all types of problems such as not being able to make payroll or pay expenses.  With your money tied up your business operations are at a huge disadvantage. Additionally, this may force you to miss growth opportunities.  In these situations obtaining a loan is not your only option.  Factoring allows you to immediately receive money based on your outstanding receivables.


If you are constantly waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid by your clients, you can get these invoices paid within two days.  The money you receive is based on the amount of receivables you wish to factor.  We request the invoices you wish to factor or 'sell' and then ownership of these invoices are re-assigned to us.  We advance a flat amount of the face value of these invoices (usually 75-90%) then put the remainder of the money in reserve.  This reserve is then paid to your company when the invoices get paid minus the percentage fee that is calculated based on the age of invoice.


When factoring it is important to understand that it is the credit worthiness of the receivable that is important and not your personal or business credit.  So if you have had credit issues, tax liens or a bankruptcy you are still eligible for invoice factoring.  


There are two types of factoring:  recourse and non-recourse.  With recourse factoring your company assumes all the responsibility of bad debt should your client fail to pay.  With non-recourse factoring your company has no responsibility for bad debt.  This means if your client does not pay an invoice through insolvency or protracted default, your company does not have to pay back any of the funds advanced.

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