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In addition to leasing, Westfield Funding offers many other commercial financing options. Please explore the financing option that will best fit your company's needs or call (248) 788-6810 and allow us to assist you.





Slow paying clients cause cash flow problems. Westfield Funding can advance funds to businesses the day they bill their clients.  This allows companies immediate access to the funds.


Merchant Cash Advance 


Most companies accept credit cards. Westfield Funding can provide businesses an advance on a business's credit card sales before the sale occurs.  The company, in turn, will repay Westfield Funding by allowing us to capture a small percentage of their daily credit card sales.


Commercial Real Estate


Businesses in need of a large amount of capital can borrow against their commercial real estate holdings.  Westfield Funding offers the most aggressive commercial mortgage products in the industry!

Working Capital Loans


Sometimes companies have potential growth opportunities but are lacking the necessary capital. Often when businesses experience a temporary setback there are problems funding day to day operations.  Both these problems can be alleviated by a Westfield Funding Working Capital Loan, that funds in as little as 24-48 hours from completion of the initial application.  

     Glider Kit Truck Financing


Many trucking company owners believe that Glider Kit Trucks cannot be financed.  In fact, quite often banks don't even know what a Glider Truck Kit is.  In addition to traditional trucks, Westfield Funding specializes in Glider Truck Kit financing.  If we won't finance your Glider Truck Kit, you won't be able to get it financed -- PERIOD!  For more information click




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