Working Capital Loans

Working Capital Loan is used by companies to cover day-to-day operating expenses. Working capital loans are business loans with a quick and easy approval process.  Rather than waiting several months for a bank approval, allow us to approve you in 24 hours or less.  At Westfield Funding we offer customized programs with flexible terms.


If your company is interested in expanding, facing an unusual major expense, or just temporarily not

generating the revenue to cover day-to-day business expenses -- a working capital loan may be just for you.


These loans will allow your company to continue daily operations despite not being able to cover operating expenses. With a working capital loan, your company can mow have the time to find ways of generating the necessary revenue in order to maintain operations. Let us help your company thrive!


How it works:


In many cases, companies face temporary situations where they are unable to generate the revenue needed to meet the expenses incurred by day-to-day business operations. Under these circumstances, companies may apply for a working capital loan.  These shortfalls can occur due to seasonality, a temporary setback, or expansion.  Although interest rates of working capital loans are based on credit worthiness, we can provide loans to companies with excellent credit all the way down to very poor credit. 


working capital loan allows companies to continue their daily operations despite a temporary inability to cover ongoing operating expenses.  Whether these shortfalls are due to a temporary downturn in business or due to expenses incurred as a result of growth and expansion companies can “buy time” to find ways of generating the necessary revenues based on their existing needs. At Westfield Funding, we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. We look at your individual business and analyze your needs to find the perfect working capital loan for your company.


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